EasyEclipse Expert Java

Eclipse packaged in a variety of programming languages



Under the name EasyEclipse is a series of products from Eclipse, one of the most popular development environments for Java. In addition to the platform itself you'll find a series of useful plugins that will help any user to rapidly familiarize themselves in various programming languages.

Java takes the cake in terms of the number of tools available within this package. These are aimed at several audiences: expert Java programmers, developers for desktop, server, and smartphone, etc.

But EasyEclipse doesn't limit itself to Java. Also included are tools for other programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, and C .

The plugins included in each package are organized in different categories: web development, J2EE support, database administration and data persistence, testing and purging, etc.

EasyEclipse Expert Java is just one of the plugins included with EasyEclipse. Click here to see the complete list.